My name is Margaret Fernandez and I’m asking for your support and vote to be your next representative for St. Michael, Albertville, Otsego, Hanover & Dayton. I believe in strong American values and real change happens at state and local level. I’m the working mother of two teenagers. I was a professional in financial services industry for 15 years, I am a small business entrepreneur as well as the wife of a Fire Fighter and retired Army Captain. It’s these experiences that compel me to run for this office because I believe that we have an opportunity to do better.

I graduated from Benilde St Margarets High School. I earned a BS degree in Family Social Science from University of Minnesota. I married John Fernandez in 1995, John served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is a retired Captain in the Minnesota National Guard. 

I grew up in household that believed through hard work and perseverance I would be able to live the American middle class dream. I was taught to be a good citizen and it was my responsibility to give back to my community through service. 

Growing up, I went to Catholic school and was one of the first young ladies to be an altar girl in the state of Minnesota. I started working while in school at the age of 14. My parents believed that we all needed to learn how to support ourselves at a young age. 

College was not a choice but an expectation in my family. When I was in college in the 90's it was still possible to hold a part time job and subsidize the cost of college unlike the world we live in today. My dream was to major in Political Science however, my dad wanted me to have a major that guaranteed employment when I graduated. I decided to major in Social Work and felt that this was my opportunity work in my community. 

As life goes, I ended up in corporate America raising a family. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have good health care, a retirement plan, and savings for my children's college fund. I was able to raise my children in the great city of Saint Michael where we didn't have to drive our kids to play dates. They could run outside and there were plenty of kids. Where neighbors get together for BBQ's, Bonfires and holiday parties.

When my children were in middle school, my husband was deployed to Iraq and was gone for almost a year and a half traveling between the US and Iraq for the military. I know what it is like to be a single parent trying to balance all of life challenges and still work for a better future for my children. Again, I was fortunate to have family, friends, neighbors and teachers that helped with the kids, shoveled the driveway, invited me over for dinner and the list goes on.

When my kids were bigger and corporate America was not the dream I had, I had the opportunity to start my own real estate business. Again, I could not have made this change without my husband having a stable job with benefits and healthcare.

I believe we are responsible for serving our communities and should always try to give back when we can. I believe our children deserve good health care, a safe environment to grow up in, and great public education system as well as the opportunity to go to college and not come out strapped with crippling debt. I believe it is our responsibility to take care of everyone in our community. Even those that do not have the same opportunities we do and to not judge those who are different then ourselves. I believe we need to support and take care of our seniors and veterans. Finally, I believe we need to take care of our environment.

These are the reasons I am running for State Representative. Please come join me in making our District and the State of Minnesota a great place to live.

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