Our district is known for our great schools. (Saint Michael, Buffalo, Elk River & Monticello) People move to our district and pay a premium for their homes to get into our district. It is my goal to ensure we retain talented teachers/staff and have the ability to provide programs that keep our schools strong.  Falling behind is not an option we can support when considering the future of our children. Currently, fringe suburbs of the metro area do not fit the formula for per pupil funding. Saint Michael specifically is now last in per pupil funding in the state. We as proud citizens that care for our community and generally pass school referendums deserve a representative that will fight for our schools. They are intrigal to our communities whether we are talking about job opportunities with good wages and benefits or basics need to ensure our children get the best education.

Likewise, education for our future generations is paramount in ensuring that we provide opportunities for  generations to come without leaving them with a substantial financial burden. We must work to make college affordable for everyone.


We must keep our schools and community safe. Because of mass shootings like the one in Parkland we now live in a new normal. There is no simple solution to these horrible tragedies. We must listen to the students, teachers and parents in our community to take meaningful action to prevent gun violence.  

Gun ownership whether for personal protection or sport is a part of the fabric of our Minnesotan community. We are a proud hunting state with many law-abiding gun owners. We Minnesotans greatly value the Second Amendment. We must find common ground where gun safety and gun ownership can co exist.

Schools are a safe place for learning. Teachers are educators and should not be expected to take on the burden of gun violence in schools.  Based on the number of teachers, community members and students that have reached out and voiced concern about this topic it is clear we can find smart solutions to gun violence in schools that do not include arming teachers. There are many considerations that need to be thoughtfully considered when discussing this topic. How would we cover the cost of insurance if we were to arm individuals in schools? What happens when a student, teacher, staff member or visitor accidentally gets shot? 

We can keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people by requiring background checks for all gun sales. We can help prevent felons and domestic abusers from obtaining deadly weapons. More than 80% of Minnesotans want common sense gun laws as well as, 74% of NRA members nationwide. It is time we start listening and decide as a community to make our district safer as well as the state of Minnesota.


Much has changed in the 17 years I have lived in our district. There has been substantial growth in our community and it continues to grow. We have an opportunity to reach the full potential that our area has to offer.


As a real estate professional I can tell you that commercial growth and small business growth is an opportunity our community has not fully invested in. We have the potential to create jobs and prosperity as well as help keep real estate taxes lower. But we must insure that that growth enhances our community without defining our neighborhoods. We need to consider smarter safer ways to build industry. We don’t need to raise taxes but we do need to spend wiser.


My family moved here because of the beauty of our area and preserving that beauty is good for our environment, but also has the bonus of enhancing the value of our homes. We have an opportunity to ensure we are protecting our local environment and must push for laws that support green spaces and community involvement as well as supports the business of our farmers.



There are many hard working middle class families in our district that have insurance,  however they are underinsured or have premiums that are too expensive for these families to make their bills. This is unacceptable in our great state of Minnesota. We need to continue to work to make healthcare an option for everyone without the high cost. This includes small business owners that cannot afford coverage. Families that have pre existing conditions and are barely making it to cover these costs. For Seniors that rely on Medicare and Medicaid. These programs are not guaranteed and our friends across the aisle are not interested in ensuring healthcare for everyone that works hard for it or has worked their whole life to contribute to our robust economy. We need mental health options as well. 


As an American citizen it is our obligation to protect and honor our veterans. I am dedicated to ensuring our veterans and their families have the support and services they have fought so hard for.

I believe in smart legislation to protect 2nd Amendment rights.


Our District potentially more than any other district in the state needs comprehensive transportation legislation passed. This is a priority I will not allow to be overlooked.